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Data Backup and Recovery

backups and recovery

Your computer is full of critical data that you can't afford to lose. Think of all the photos, videos, financial information, documents, downloaded software, and other irreplaceable data that you have saved to your computer. Don't let a power surge, faulty hard drive, or a horrible mishap delete your precious data. One Stop Pc will come to your home and protect your valuable information to help you feel confident that your data is safe.

Data Backup and Storage
Recovering lost data can be time consuming and expensive, and it's not always a success. To protect your important files, you need to maintain proper backups. One Stop Pc offer several options for your data storage, from external hard drives to online backups. We can even configure your system to automatically backup all your important files, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Data Recovery
If you've suffered a hard drive failure and need to retrieve some important data on a broken drive, we can help. Data recovery can never be 100% guaranteed, but our technician have access to special tools and resources to help extract whatever viable data remains on a broken or damaged drive. For a very complex situation where data cannot be resolved in-house, we can also send drives out to a specialized lab for the most advanced data recovery service available.

Data Transfer
Are you considering upgrading to a new computer or laptop but need to have your data transferred over? Have you suffered a hard drive crash and need to restore your system from a backup drive or disks? Do you need to mirror data on one computer to another? Whatever your setup requirements are, we can help you transfer all of your files, photos, music, media, and e-mail reliably and safely.

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